What Are Some Online Stock Portfolio Trackers?

Morningstar, Personal Capital, Google Finance and SigFig offer stock portfolio tracking services, according to Forbes. These platforms allow users to view their investment portfolios and monitor the performance of their investments.

SigFig states that it sends weekly email updates of an investor's performance. The summaries include relevant news that made an impact on a user's portfolio and notifications that help him manage his winning and losing stock picks. Google Finance shows that it monitors a portfolio's daily and overall performance. The tracker is integrated into Google News, which lists updates related to the companies being tracked. Google Finance users can view their portfolio's chart and compare its performance against a major index.

Important things to look for in an online stock portfolio tracker include the number of portfolios it tracks, the number of securities per portfolio, types of securities, simplicity of use and price updates frequency, notes Computerized Investing. Personal Capital allows investors to link all investing accounts including taxable and retirement accounts. Some trackers offer rating systems, such as Morningstar.com, for investors to monitor and assess stocks.