What Is an Online Skills Assessment Test?


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An online skills assessment test is a pre-employment screening tool that employers commonly use to gauge job candidates’ knowledge and skills. It can cover various areas such as proficiency in using programs and software.

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Prospective employers often require applicants to complete an online skills assessment test in their efforts to gather information about the potential job candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. Areas of assessment can include language skills, math skills, data entry, Excel and typing. If a company wishes to hire a candidate for a position that requires fast and accurate typing skills, it can request the applicants to complete a typing test.

Companies that hope to hire an employee with advanced knowledge of Excel can request job applicants to take an Excel test, which covers pivot tables, formulas and macros. Such tests typically yield valid results when the scores of multiple attempts are combined.

An online skills assessment test is usually given as the first step in the interview process. Candidates who perform poorly on those exams are often screened out right away as hiring companies quickly move on to those who have passed the exams. An online skills assessment test is a cost-effective way for companies to reduce the number of applicants who move forward in the interview process. In addition, such exams are helpful in reducing hiring bias, possibly helping the company defend itself in employment discrimination lawsuits.

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