What Are Some Online Services of Vystar Credit Union?

VyStar Credit Union allows members to take advantage of several online services, such as loan applications, live customer service, account opening, check ordering and credit card payments, according to VyStar. Members can also use external transfer services, order gift cards, purchase rewards, set up bill payments and view cleared checks.

With VyStar Credit Union's Internet banking services, members can receive updated summaries on their accounts, reports VyStar. They can also review recent transactions and transfer funds between VyStar accounts. Members who want to add another layer of security to their banking can choose a text message service that sends notifications and alerts. Those who have checking accounts can design their own check card and order it online. A feature called remote check deposit allows members to scan and deposit checks online as well.

VyStar members with Internet banking access can apply for consumer and credit card loans online, notes VyStar. Mortgage loan applications and information are also available on the company website. Checking account members who have VyStar Visa check cards and Internet banking access are eligible for the Purchase Rewards program. Purchase Rewards are randomly delivered offers based on how a member shops. This process ensures that the offers are useful for individual members.