What Online Services Does First Convenience Bank Offer?


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First Convenience Bank offers several online services to customers with checking accounts, such as an online portal for monitoring accounts, electronic statements and tools to transfer funds between accounts, as of 2015. It also offers email alerts for various circumstances, including balance levels and the ability to pay bills online.

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The core of First Convenience Bank's online services is the online account management page that enables any customer with a personal or business account to view information about the accounts through a web browser. After creating a personal username and password, the customer can view the balance and available funds on all her accounts, recent transactions on the account and access the other online banking tools. For example, the customer can view and download digital versions of her banking statements and set up her email alerts according to account balance thresholds.

The page also allows the customer to use the online bill payment tool. This service requires the customer to enter a payment amount and payee name for any person or business within the United States and have the bank issue a payment to that party in the form of an official check. If the person also has an account with First Convenience Bank, the payment may occur electronically.

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