What Online Services Does Barclay Provide for Credit Card Accounts?

What Online Services Does Barclay Provide for Credit Card Accounts?

Through the Barclay official website, customers can apply for new credit cards, register their credit cards, protect their cards against fraud and understand credit ratings and card costs. They can also check their transaction histories and balances, get information on card insurance policies, ask questions and claim rewards.

Barclay helps the customers choose the credit cards that best suit their needs. On the Barclay website, users can compare the various available cards on parameters such as card features and balance transfer fee, duration and validity and interest rates.

Barclaycard online offers account-management tools that allow customers to change their credit limits, make payments, request direct debits, track their transaction and expenditure trends through graphs and charts and check their card PINs and balance transfers. Alternatively, customers can download the Barclaycard app on their smartphones and other devices.

Barclaycard online also gives users access to information about reward programs, which vary across card types, and allows them to check their reward points and claim their rewards.

Barclay also provides comprehensive information on detecting fraud and reporting lost cards and suspicious fraudulent activities to the Barclay team. It also provides credit-card insurance and the option for customers to protect their cards with Barclaycard Secure.