How Do Online Retailers Prevent Customers From Abandoning Shopping Carts?


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To prevent customers from abandoning an online shopping cart, retailers put a call to action on the website that tells the customer to purchase the product, and online retailers include thumbnails on the selling page so that customers click to purchase with confidence that they bought the right item. Retailers offer a variety of different payment options to keep customers checking out and retailers often offer a help number so that customers have the option to speak with an agent.

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A call to action often appears on the retailer's website in a contrasted color so that the customer locates it easily. The call to action might include a fast checkout option with information saved from prior transactions. Often, retailers include a progress indicator so that customers know where they are in the checkout process and so that customers don't feel cornered or pressured into the purchase.

Often, shoppers complain that an online retailer posts the price in a foreign currency that the shopper doesn't understand. For this reason, retailers prevent abandon carts by customizing the page to the selling country and making sure that the price's currency matches the local currency in that country. Retailers test their websites to make sure that customers do not abandon the purchase because the website is too slow or it tried to force the customer to complete an unwanted registration. Retailers also take care to offer up-front shipping costs because many shoppers report abandoning a cart because of unexpected shipping costs at the end of an order. Additionally, adding customer testimonials also helps increase sales because shoppers often have increased confidence in the product and the retailer after reading positive reviews.

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