What Is Online Patient Registration?


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Online patient registration allows new patients to enter their insurance, medical and personal information online before their appointment to save time and money, according to Sophrona Solutions. One of the biggest advantages of online patient registration when compared to in-person registration is online registration doesn't come with as many mistakes.

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Patients can complete online patient registration any time before their appointment they find convenient, notes Sophrona Solutions. This also means that patients don't have to come to the dentist's or doctor's office early to fill out paperwork. Once online registration is complete, the patient signs a form when he arrives for his appointment and is taken to an examination room. In-person registration might also make a patient feel rushed to complete all necessary forms to be on time for his appointment.

Physicians benefit from online patient registration by being able to tighten their schedules without increasing staff size, states Sophrona Solutions. The front desk staff doesn't have as much data to enter into the computer system, and they don't have to struggle to read illegible handwritten forms. All data a patient enters on his online registration form is printed out and charted before the patient arrives. Data gathered through online registration can also be used to gauge special patient needs.

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