Is There an Online Catalogue of Capodimonte Products?

Capodimonte does not provide an online catalogue; however, it does offer a large selection of products for viewing and purchase at its e-store, Capodimonte's Finest. As Capodimonte is an Italian company, prices are listed in Euros. Capodimonte-USA Italian Imports, a U.S. retailer of Capodimonte porcelain, does offer downloadable online catalogues.

Capodimonte's Finest offers a large selection of porcelain favors, furnishings, lamps, figurines and other artistic works for sale to its many customers. Each listed item has an image and pricing information.

Three different catalogues are available from Capadimonte-USA Italian Imports: its Chandelier catalogue, its Presents Sonda catalogue and its Presents Casa Bianca catalogue. Each catalogue offers large-scale images of products and available options. Pricing information for each item is found at the company's website.