Where Online Can You Find a Sample of a Quit Notice Letter?


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Find samples of a quit notice letter, also known as a letter of resignation, on sites such as Monster.com, Best-Job-Interview.com, DayJob.com, LiveCareer.com and BusinessBalls.com, as of 2015. Each site offers multiple examples that feature various formatting options, lengths and tones as well as provides unique guidelines for various situations.

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A letter of resignation typically serves as the official written notice to an employer from an employee to her employee stating her intention to evacuate her current position within the company. Each state has its own requirements for legally quitting a job, with some requiring anywhere from two weeks to 30 days of prior notice before the quit date, while others function on the at-will platform that allows the employee to leave at any point. In either case, a letter of resignation also functions as a professional courtesy to the employer and is valuable in preserving the business relationship after the employee quits.

It is important for the letter of resignation to maintain a positive and professional tone, avoiding any defamatory statements towards an individual or the company. Depending on the circumstances of the exit, the employee may wish to mention specific people and the ways in which she benefited from working with them. The letter should also express gratitude for the opportunity to work at the company, optionally highlighting some positive experiences, as well as clearly stating the exact date the employee plans to quit.

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