How Do You Take Free Online Baking Classes?


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Free online baking lessons are offered at the baking education page at Kingarthurflour.com. King Arthur Flour baking instruction consists of numerous lessons compiled in PDF format, and lessons are accessed by clicking the lesson title link. You can download and save the lessons to a computer for future reference. Its baking lesson topics include baking bread, muffins, coffee cake and pies from scratch. A three-part cake decorating series with photographic step-by-step depictions is also available for free.

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Most King Arthur Flour free baking lessons include one or more recipes and additional instructions on how to work with raw baking ingredients. Learn how to make crusty baguette and ciabatta bread loaves within the same lesson. This bread baking lesson provides starter recipes that combine flour, water and instant yeast in various amounts. Both types of artisan bread require using dough starter with traditional ingredients to form a pliable dough. Novice bread makers get clear instructions on bread dough mixing and kneading, and then shaping dough into loaves after it rises.

The King Arthur Flour Pies for All Seasons lesson includes recipes for making apple pie, blueberry pie and pumpkin pie. Each recipe includes ingredients and directions for making pie crust and pie filling, and the pumpkin cheesecake crust is perfect for an included cheesecake pie filling.

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