How Does One Write Performance Appraisal Comments?

Performance appraisal comments should include specific research about employee performance and service, an evaluation of the employee's strengths and weaknesses, a comparison to previous reviews if applicable, an overall synopsis of the appraisal's findings and any salary adjustments that are applicable. Performance appraisal comments are often a good way to encourage an employee's career direction.

Comments should include information regarding the employee's performance and service to the organization. This may include any issues with attendance, discipline and issues with customers. It should also touch on positive moments, such as strong performance, customer compliments and other times the employee contributed to exceptional quality. It is important that all of these comments are based on first-hand observation so that the employee does not feel like rumors are contributing to the review.

Additional comments should touch on the employee's strengths and weaknesses in the form of a list. This will help both employer and employee focus on how to improve in the future.

If the employee has been around for previous reviews, comments should touch on how the employee's performance has changed between reviews, and special attention should be paid to areas in which the employee has not improved.

The findings offer the employee a detailed synopsis of the review, and comments on the findings should further offer constructive criticism.

Comments about salary adjustment should focus on exactly why it is being adjusted in order to help motivate the employee.