How Does One Write a Charity Letter?

How Does One Write a Charity Letter?

To write a charity letter, start with the basic information at the top, personalize the letter to the donor, and include an attention grabber. State the importance of the charity, ask for a donation, and thank the donor. Sign off, and include a post script emphasizing the importance of contributions.

  1. Start with the charity's basic information

    Print letters on the charity's letterhead. Ensure the letterhead includes the name and contact information for the charity.

  2. Address the letter

    Include the date of the letter on the top right of the letter. Below that to the left, add the name and address of the donor.

  3. Personalize the letter

    Include the donor's name with the salutation. At the very beginning of the body of the letter, grab the donor's attention with a bold question or compelling story.

  4. Update the donor about the charity

    Start with an update about what the last charity campaign achieved with the donations received. Next, fill in the donor on the specific project or initiative for which the charity is fund raising.

  5. Ask for a donation

    First, emphasize the importance of the charity's work. Next, suggest amounts the donor can send it. Include information about what each amount can achieve. Likewise, include information about the consequences of a lack of donation.

  6. Thank the donor

    Thank the donor in advance for contributions. Include gratitude for past donations. Remind them of what their contributions can achieve and the consequences of not donating.

  7. Close the letter

    Include a friendly closing such as "Kind regards." Type your full name and title below with enough space for your signature. Sign each letter by hand.

  8. Include a post script

    Relate the donation to the question or story in the beginning of the letter in a post script under the signature.