How Does One Start Selling Avon As a Business Venture?


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Sign up on YourAvon.com, and become an official Avon Independent Sales Representative in under five minutes. Simply fill out the provided form and pay $15 to receive a starter kit, and begin working as an Avon sales representative.

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Registering on the site provides immediate access to information, tools, training and ordering in the New Representative Center, as well as the support of an assigned Avon sales leader, who can help to answer questions and act as a guide through the setup process of your business. The welcome kit is sent to you in the mail.

Products can be sold to customers both face-to-face and online. Face-to-face orders allow customers to browse products and brochures and place an order in person. For these orders, collect payment with the customer's order and use the New Representative portal to place the order. The product is sent to you to deliver to the customer. To sell products online, set up a free Avon eStore and utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as promotion tools. Avon also has a mobile app that allows for you to do business on-the-go from your smartphone. Online order are handled through direct delivery and deposit.

Avon sends out a new campaign every two weeks complete with new brochures and product offers.

As an Avon representative, you earn around 35 percent up to 50 percent on everything you sell.

To find information about becoming an Avon representative in various countries around the world, visit AvonCompany.com.

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