How Does One Start Their Own Clothing Label?


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There some very important steps to starting a clothing label, including making a brand logo, coming up with designs, formulating a business plan and developing a following through advertising and networking. Financial consideration, such as where the clothes will be made, buying materials and paying employees, is also a primary concern.

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It's essential for a clothing line to have a website that shoppers can purchase the clothing through. If the clothing line doesn't have a website, there should be some form of distribution, so the company can make money. Many websites market easy-to-design websites for commercial purposes.

A clothing line also needs cash flow to support its manufacturing and other ventures, like advertising. Investors can be very important in financing a clothing line's upstart. The clothing, itself, also needs to be designed and manufactured, of which there are numerous outlets that can help with this. Brand logos should also be made to give the clothing line a marketable image.

Product research should also be done. This would consist of testing out new designs on focus groups of potential customers to see how they respond to the clothing. There are also forums through the internet where designs and products can be pitched to anonymous people to get their feedback. Advertising can also help to bolster a company's recognition. Drafting a business plan can be a way of keeping track of funds, cash flow, attracting new investors and making goals for each fiscal period.

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