How Does One Prioritize Job Duties?


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In order to prioritize job duties, workers must assess their task's urgency, decide which ones to focus on and create working lists to keep them on track. In addition, it is important to determine which tasks to eliminate and which ones to delegate to others.

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How Does One Prioritize Job Duties?
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First, workers assess their tasks and organize them by order of importance. The method for doing this varies by person. Some people prefer to start with their most difficult but necessary tasks, while others decide to organize their duties by the deadline assigned. After organizing everything, workers should create a master list of all the duties they have.

The next step is to evaluate the list. As they do this, they should identify tasks they can assign to someone else, or get rid of entirely. After passing on the delegated tasks to the appropriate people and crossing the unnecessary ones off the list, it is time to reorganize tasks with a ranking system. Assign top priority to tasks that are due first or are foundational for completing other items on the list.

Anything that needs to be completed in a single day should be at the top of the list.Tasks that have more flexible deadlines or that can wait a few days to be done should receive a lower ranking. As workers complete top priority tasks, they move the other tasks up on the list until everything gets done.

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