How Does One Print T4 Slips?


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An employer can either order single-page T4 slips from the Canada Revenue Agency, print PDF forms to fill by hand, print them on white paper after filling them on the computer, or file them over the Internet. The employer can use customized slips prepared in accordance with guidelines, states the CRA.

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Employers in Canada prepare T4 slips showing remunerations for their employees, including salaries, wages, tips, bonuses and vacation pays, and then file them with the CRA, and provide copies to the employees. The T4 also shows deductions that the employer withholds. The Employer's Guide provides instructions on completing the slips, notes the CRA.

To fill out a T4 slip for an employee, the employer enters the company name and business address, and the last name, first name, address and Social Insurance Number of the employee. He also enters the calendar year in which the employee receives the remuneration in the appropriate spaces provided on the slip. Then the employer enters the province of employment in Box 10 of the slip. Box 14 is for the total income before deductions, states the CRA handbook.

Box 16 and 17 are for Canada pension plan or Quebec pension plan contributions that the employer deducted from the employee's income. Box 18 is for the employee's El premium deductions, box 20 for registered pension plan contributions, and box 22 for income tax deducted.

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