How Does One Pick the Employee of the Month?

Jon Feingersh/Blend Images/Getty Images

Choosing an employee for an Employee of the Month program is sometimes a challenging task. To aid in selecting the best candidate, one can put together a team of fellow employees, including managers and staff, to serve in an Employee of the Month committee. Strict monthly deadlines are required in order to plan a special presentation in honor of the winner.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Employee of the Month awards must always acknowledge accomplishment and should never be awarded on the basis of favoritism. The goal is to boost employee morale within a company, so recognizing a worker without giving any thought as to why he or she deserves the honor has the potential to backfire. Before giving just any worker the title, it is best to create a list of personal qualities, milestones or achievements a candidate must complete in order to be nominated. These goal-oriented qualifications drive employees to go above and beyond, whether it be their workload or attitude in general. Once nominations are in, the committee reviews the nominees’ work ethic to make sure it coincides with the list of qualifications. All committee members must then submit a vote, and the employee with the most votes is awarded the title of Employee of the Month.