How Do One Perform an IRS Tax Lien Lookup?

It is possible to perform an IRS lien search by contacting the IRS Centralized Lien Unit, explains the Houston Chronicle. It helps to provide the Social Security number of the property owner, as well as the address, if applicable. A lien indicates that taxes may be owed by the property owner, and that the property owner may be unable to sell the property without satisfying the lien.

Another way to look up a lien is to contact the Collection Technical Services Advisory Group, which is a department within the Internal Revenue Service, according to the Houston Chronicle. This department handles the more complicated lien issues that pertain to a federal tax lien.

A person can also search for federal IRS tax liens through the county clerk's office of the municipality in which the property is located, states the Houston Chronicle. It is usually necessary to have the last name of the property owner or the name of the current mortgage lender in order to conduct the search. Most county clerk's offices charge a fee to make a copy of the filed lien.

There are also online search databases that allow people to search for IRS liens, notes the Houston Chronicle. Some databases are maintained by credit reporting agencies that allow people to search for liens by state or county. To narrow the search, the requester may need to provide personal information, such as the name and address of the property owner.