How Does One Find Part-Time Jobs at Safeway?

How Does One Find Part-Time Jobs at Safeway?

To find a part-time job at a Safeway grocery store, visit the company's website at Click on the "Careers" link at the bottom of the page. Open the "Apply Now" tab to see a list of positions available. Click on the position desired, and go to the application page.

To apply for a job at Safeway, one needs to create a personal profile on the company's website and state the region in which one wishes to work. A list of jobs in that area appears. The application process involves revealing work history, references and identification.

Jobs at Safeway are available as entry-level employment that require little or no experience. The applicant needs a strong work ethic and a desire to interact with and assist customers. Management jobs require experience.

According to, entry-level jobs are most likely to be part-time positions, as they are centered on availability and customer service. These positions include courtesy clerk, stock associate, grocers, bakers and pharmacy help desk.

The pay is competitive, management attracts lucrative pay and an entry-level position can lead to a managerial career. states that an applicant may get a telephone interview within two weeks of applying, depending on the need of the store in the applicant's region.