How Does One Open a Day Care Center?

How Does One Open a Day Care Center?

A day care business can be a profitable and fulfilling endeavor. If you like to take care of children and want to open a day care center, you need to plan carefully and take appropriate steps.

  1. Fulfill legal requirements

    Research the laws for starting a day care in your state. Contact your county or state business licensing office for details.

  2. Develop a business plan

    Write your plans for opening a day care center as well as your goals for making it successful. Include estimated start-up costs.

  3. Choose a suitable location and space

    Select a location that has enough space for children to eat, rest and play. Consider the amount of space you need for toys, furniture, employees and storage.

  4. Purchase equipment and supplies

    Provide child-sized furnishings such as nap cots, cribs, booster seats and high chairs. Provide furniture for staff and visiting parents. Make sure you provide a plentiful selection of puzzles, arts, books, toys, crafts supplies and games to keep the children entertained.

  5. Obtain safety equipment

    Provide smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and locked medicine cabinets. Check your state's licensing standards for more details.

  6. Request an inspection

    Submit to an inspection as well as child abuse history and criminal background checks.

  7. Apply for a license

    Obtain a license to run a day care in your jurisdiction. Submit an application with the required fee to obtain licensing.