How Does One Make a Questionnaire on Consumer Awareness?

Before you design a survey on consumer awareness, you must define your survey goals. You also need to know how and to whom you plan to circulate your survey, which determines the number of questions you have.

  1. Know your objective

    What information are you trying to collate? What is the purpose of the consumer survey? Make sure you know your survey goals before you design your questionnaire so you can keep the questionnaire focused and to the point. It is important to also clearly state the reason for your survey to the consumer. Is the purpose of the survey to find out how aware the average consumer is about ingredients in his packaged food, for instance? Also, provide sufficient instructions on how individuals should fill out the survey. Unless it is crucial to your research, personal questions should be left out.

  2. Decide on the type of questions

    Make sure your questions are unbiased so consumers are not offended by the choices or the answer selections. Depending on your objective, you can choose the type of consumer awareness questions. You can ask consumers to rank or rate products, or you can gather information about their familiarity, awareness or satisfaction with a variety of products.

  3. Organize your questions

    Your survey should be well-planned and have questions on a particular topics grouped together. For instance, if you want to obtain data regarding consumer awareness about services in a particular city, organize the questions by the types of industries, such as restaurants, hair salons, children's play areas and movie theaters.