How Does One Get Into the Lumber and Supply Business?


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Getting started with a lumber and supply business requires an upfront investment of capital, states Gaebler. Some of the common startup costs include pallet jacks, forklifts, supply shelving, lumber storage units and retail equipment. After securing an ideal location, one also needs to estimate the costs that are likely to incur along the way.

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The lumber industry is constantly changing to meet the needs of building supply consumers and the changing business environment, so every lumber yard owner needs to stay updated on the current industry developments and standards. There are various organizations that offer lumber yard owners membership opportunities and information to enable members stay on top of the game.

For long-term success when starting a lumber and supply business, one needs to have an effective business plan. As a rule, one should not exit the business plan until fully satisfied with the way the business is progressing. Before opening a lumber and supply business, aspiring business owners must know how they fit into the competitive environment. They also need to have a thorough understanding of the landscape and how their business fits into it.

The use of technology in the lumber business is constantly changing. Nearly 100 percent of retailers have incorporated the use of computers into their businesses. Personal computers are used in point of sale, inventory, payroll and accounting. Most of the established lumber and supply businesses also have home pages on the Internet.

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