What Is One Example of a Fee Waiver Request Letter?

Patrick Jacobsen, PhD student, University of Colorado. Sept. 14, 2014 Ms. Judith Anderson, Dean of Students, University of Colorado. Dear Ms. Anderson, I am writing this letter to request a waiver on my fees for a PhD program that I have just began. I haven’t secured a job yet, and my parents are struggling to educate my younger siblings. I completed my undergraduate and Master’s degrees at this university.

A fee waiver request is written by a person to an institution requesting for a postponement of payment or a pardon for defaulting a repayment. A customer who has been penalized for failing to repay a loan on time can request a waiver. In this case, he has to convince the financial institution that his defaulting was unintentional. If the purpose of the letter is to request a school fees waver, the writer should show proof of inability to pay. For example, he can say that his parents’ jobs are not stable. Here, he may have to attach documents or other details to convince the authority. However, a learning institution may not waive the entire fee but can allow a student to study and commit to pay up later after securing a job. Generally, all fee waiver requests should show the person’s loyalty to the institution.