How Does One Change Their Home Address?


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To report a new home address, use a website such as ChangeOfAddress.org, or request a change of address card from the local post office or mail carrier. Provide the necessary information, and swear to the validity by adding your signature, electronically or traditionally, depending on the method selected.

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Address change service providers give users the tool and forms necessary to complete change of address requests electronically. In order to use the tools and services, you must first agree to the terms of service and privacy policies that are put in place. Once that is completed, enter information into the online forms, and click Submit or Continue. When using address change service providers, other moving services and moving information are typically offered.

To put in a change of address form traditionally, visit the local post office, and request a form. Alternatively, visit the official website and print the form. Once it is complete, sign it, and submit it to a representative in the office. Other options include giving it to the postman or sending it by postal mail.

Inform all important businesses, government agencies and utility companies of the address change, because a change of address is only good for a period of 6 months. It may be renewed for one 6-month period.

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