How Does One Get a Black Card?


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There are many different ultra-exclusive black credit cards on the market, each of which has its own requirements. However, the one thing they all have in common is that they are reserved for only the wealthiest people, meaning it is necessary to have an income well above average.

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The American Express Centurion credit card is the original black credit card and is still considered to be the most exclusive credit card in the world. In order to qualify for this card, a person must spend at least $250,000 a year on an American Express gold or platinum card and have an almost perfect credit history. In addition, holders must pay a yearly fee of $2,500, along with a one-time membership fee of $5,000. In the past, this card was only available to those who were personally invited by American Express, although now anyone who meets the above criteria and has a substantial net worth can get one.

Visa also has its own black credit card, which comes with a much lower $500 annual fee. In general, the requirements are much lower for this card. However, it also doesn't come with nearly as many benefits and isn't considered to be as exclusive as the American Express black card.

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