How Does One Become a Talent Agent?


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The best route to becoming a talent agent is to get into a talent agent training program at an established agency. Talent agencies offer training to select people who are hired to learn the ropes from the bottom up. Internships are often available to college students, and while there is no absolute requirement to have a college degree, talent agencies do tend to favor applicants with degrees.

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Talent agents typically have a background in the entertainment industry, law or business. Hollywood talent agencies, such as United Talent Agency, offer hands-on training to candidates who are fortunate enough to be accepted. Trainees begin their careers working in the mail room or as assistants to agents. Training programs are highly competitive because of the limited openings available. However, agencies are often seeking qualified recruits to train.

Some training programs require applicants to have a four-year college degree. The job of a talent agent is very demanding and requires making decisions that can further a client's career. After successfully completing a training program, an agency has the option of hiring the trainee as a full-time agent. Prospective talent agents also find work through advertisements in entertainment industry trade publications.

In order to represent clients, agents must meet all state licensing requirements.

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