How Does One Become a Real Estate Agent?


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Those who want to become real estate agents must meet state licensing requirements. These requirements typically include completing real estate courses and passing one or more exams.

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How Does One Become a Real Estate Agent?
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  1. Determine your state's real estate licensing requirements

    Contact state real estate boards or licensing commissions to determine the requirements needed to become a real estate agent in your region. Most states require applicants to have earned a high school diploma or equivalent and be at least 18 years of age to enroll in real estate courses.

  2. Complete pre-licensing coursework

    Complete the necessary coursework to successfully pass real estate licensing exams. Although not a requirement to earn a real estate license, additional college-level coursework in finance, marketing, business or communications may help newly licensed agents gain employment with real estate companies, especially those in regions with increased job competition.

  3. Pass the real estate licensing exam

    Prepare for and pass state real estate licensing exam.

  4. Gain employment with a real estate agency

    Find work as a real estate agent by inquiring about available positions with an established agency. Complete continuing education coursework in real estate law or mortgage financing offered by real estate companies. These courses help new real estate agents gain the knowledge and experience necessary to work with a variety of clients.

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