How Does One Become a Process Server?

How Does One Become a Process Server?

To become a process server, undertake relevant training, and obtain certification. It is important to keep improving your skills through on-the-job training or continuing education classes.

  1. Understand job requirements

    Individual states have different job requirements for process servers. Work on areas that need improvement to comply with the job requirements through undergoing training and apprenticeship.

  2. Complete a training program

    Attend some training classes to understand the job and the applicable laws. Such programs are available in colleges and state associations as well as at the sheriff's department. Process servers who want to work on a freelance basis should learn basic entrepreneurial skills.

  3. Get any required license

    Some authorities require you to have a license to work as a process server. There may be an exam in addition to a background search before getting a license.

  4. Purchase a professional indemnity cover policy

    An insurance policy indemnifies you against lawsuits resulting from errors and omissions. Some jurisdictions expressly require you to have insurance coverage or a surety bond. Choose an insurance policy from different insurance firms who offer the coverage.

  5. Apply for a job

    After fulfilling all the requirements, look for jobs in various jurisdictions or at private companies. Alternatively, start your own business, and sell services to other firms.