How Does One Apply for a Merrick Bank Credit Card?

one-apply-merrick-bank-credit-card Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

To apply for a Merrick Bank classic Visa or MasterCard credit card, visit the Merrick Bank website, enter in the acceptance certificate number and fill out the online application form. To apply for a Merrick Bank secured Visa credit card, complete the online form provided on the Merrick Bank website.

Merrick Bank sends acceptance certificate numbers to those who meet minimum credit qualifications. If approved, applicants can make online payments and track purchases, make minimum or full monthly payments, withdraw funds from 1 million automated teller machines worldwide, and purchase items from vendors that accept Visa or MasterCard credit cards. Account holders who make regular monthly payments may see an increase in credit limits over time.

To apply for a secured Visa credit card, applicants should fill out the online form and make an initial deposit between $200 and $3,000. The deposit represents the cardholder's credit limit. Merrick Bank requires secured credit card holders to make minimum or full monthly payments to maintain the line of credit.

Merrick Bank classic Visa or MasterCard credit cards and secured Visa credit cards assist those with poor or limited credit rebuild or strengthen credit history. The bank reports credit card activity to all three credit reporting bureaus.