How Does Omni Tech Support Assure the Security of Its Clients Data?


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In December 2014, Microsoft filed a lawsuit against Omnitech Support for allegedly misrepresenting the Microsoft name while plying phony security services. According to the lawsuit, Omnitech went as far as introducing malware into the computers of their intended victims. Between May and December 2014, Microsoft received 65,000 complaints stemming from tech support scammers, which included Omnitech, according to an article on PCMag.com.

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One of the methods used by tech scammers is to first establish fake legitimacy by using Microsoft trademarks and then claim affiliation with the company. Omnitech used this tactic and, with the enhanced credibility, made cold calls to find unwitting consumers, according to a blog on the Microsoft website.

Once the tech scammers have found their unwitting victims, they convince them that their computers are at risk and then sell services that are not needed in the first place. In the lawsuit, Microsoft claimed that Omnitech infected their victims with a "password grabber" malware that can compromise the victim's personal and financial information.

In the same year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) also sued several companies for similar tech scams. To avoid becoming a victim of similar scams, the FTC issues the following tips: Do not give computer access to anyone claiming to be from tech support, do not give out passwords or personal information to anyone claiming to be from tech support and learn about computer protection from malware.

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