How Do You Find Offshore Employment Opportunities?


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Find offshore employment opportunities by reaching out to drilling rig companies directly or checking rig job posting sites and general job hunting sites. Another option is to apply for a position with a company that has contracts with an offshore operation.

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Many offshore rig companies offer job postings on their websites, which cover a variety of positions including technicians, machine operators, crew managers and medical staff. These companies also frequently post these jobs on other employment sites, some of which many include options to apply by submitting a resume or completing a special online application. In all cases, each position includes a description that explains the nature of the job and the requirements for applicants. Many general job hunting sites offer tools to search for positions with specific companies or that match certain keywords, which allows users to expand their searching to different types of offshore employment.

Many offshore rigs and similar companies maintain contracts with other businesses to handle tasks such as food preparation, equipment maintenance or employee training. As such, applying for a job with these companies results in working offshore without having to compete for positions that require higher levels of technical knowledge. This route is also helpful for job seekers with little to no offshore experience, as many rigs prefer employees who have spent time on a rig before.

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