What Are Some Offshore Drilling Companies?


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Some offshore drilling companies are Diamond Offshore, Pacific Drilling, Transocean and Rowan Companies. As of 2014, all are public companies with stock trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

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According to the company's website, Diamond Offshore began as an onshore drilling company founded by Don McMahon in 1964. After the company went public in 1970, it continued to expand into offshore drilling and eventually bought out the Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company (ODECO) in 1992. ODECO was a drilling and exploration company, and its founder, Alden J. Laborde, designed the industry's first submersible drilling rig.

Transocean is a Swiss company headquartered in Vernier, Switzerland, and claims to be one of the largest offshore drilling companies in the industry. The company was originally a whaling company and moved into the drilling industry by merging with businesses such as Sonat Offshore Drilling. Transocean was one of the first companies of its time to develop equipment that was capable of drilling more than 10,000 feet into the ocean floor.

Rowan Companies was founded in 1923 by two brothers, Charles and Arch Rowan. The company went public in 1967 and acquired Skeie Drilling & Production ASA in 2010. The company added its first ultra-deepwater drill ship in early 2014 and plans to release two more by the spring of 2015.

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