What Are Some Official Post Office Holidays?

official-post-office-holidays Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

New Year's Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are examples of official postal holidays in the United States. Holidays immediately preceeding and following these days are not observed by the postal service. Examples of these unobserved holidays are New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve.

Political and military holidays in the United States are also observed by post offices. Examples of political postal holidays are Presidents Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Labor Day. Military-oriented holidays observed by the postal service include Memorial Day and Veterans' Day.

All holidays observed by post offices are also observed by the federal government, but not all federal government holidays are observed by the postal service. Inauguration Day is the one federal holiday that the post office does not share. This federal holiday occurs when a new president of the United States is inaugurated, and is only observed in Washington, D.C. and its immediate surroundings.

Victory Day, a former postal holiday, is no longer observed in the United States. It has not been a federal or postal holiday since 1975. Victory Day remains a state holiday in Rhode Island, but federal offices are open in the state. Mail delivery in Rhode Island arrives on its regular schedule on Victory Day.