What Does an Office Secretary Do?

Office secretaries provide administrative support for executives, departments and, in some cases, an entire staff. The secretary answers the phone, develops and maintains a filing system, sets appointments, maintains event calendars and greets visitors.

The secretary is often the first person that a guest sees when entering an office. The secretary is responsible for maintaining the front office space, filling out forms according to office procedure, operating and maintaining office equipment, such as copiers and fax machines, and transferring telephone calls. When the secretary answers the telephone, the person in this position may be required to provide basic information to vendors, clients or prospective clients. Office secretaries may be asked to type correspondence, create and update reports or provide other data entry assistance to office members as needed. An office secretary can also manage expenses for executives, coordinate their schedules and make business travel arrangements. Office secretaries collect and distribute mail. They also arrange for the pick up and delivery of packages and other items for the office staff. In some cases, an office secretary may serve as an office manager. This may add some responsibilities to the secretary's position, such as overseeing the work of administrative assistants in the office.