What Is an Office Administrator's Typical Job Description?


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An office administrator's typical job description may include responsibilities such as organizing and maintaining company files, managing the daily operations of the office by ensuring the presence of the proper supplies and resources, and greeting new clients or customers as they enter the facility. The job may also include managing a staff of associates, making reports to the management team, or creating and enforcing general workplace guidelines.

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The core responsibilities of an office administrator are to ensure the smooth operation of the facility on a regular basis, which often begins with paying the appropriate bills for the company, such as a monthly lease or the utility charges. Additionally, the administrator needs to make sure the office has the necessary supplies for the employees to conduct their responsibilities, including office materials such as pens, paper and staplers and equipment such as printers and copiers. Depending on the nature of the office, the administrator may also maintain a kitchen or break room for the employees by regularly ordering food and drinks.

Another aspect of an office administrator job is setting policies for the workplace, such as a dress code or the procedure for requisitioning specific equipment or shared resources. The administrator may also need to serve as a liaison between the management team and incoming clients, greeting them and alerting the appropriate parties of their presence. Some office administrators also create budgetary or operational reports for the company and maintain a master calendar.

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