How Do You Find Offer Codes for Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster offer codes are available in the Ticket Deals section of Ticketmaster's official website. Third-party coupon sites such as provide offer codes for Ticketmaster, but these codes are submitted by users and are not guaranteed to be valid.

To redeem an offer code on Ticketmaster's site, enter the code into the "Offer Code" box on the ticket page. Clicking the "Got an Offer Code?" link may be necessary to reveal this box on some ticket pages.

Ticketmaster's offer codes are not valid for all tickets. They are not valid on private transactions conducted through the Ticketmaster site; this means that fan-to-fan resale tickets are not eligible for these discounts, even though the transaction is guaranteed by Ticketmaster. This is a site-wide policy that applies to all private sales.

Ticketmaster sells tickets for concerts, sporting events, car races and other events. Its clients include Disney, most National Football League and National Basketball Association teams and most American music venues. Baseball is an exception to Ticketmaster's dominance in the sports ticket market; Major League Baseball owns rival ticketing site

Ticketmaster is a wholly owned subsidiary of Live Nation Entertainment, a concert promotion company. It operates several other ticketing sites under other brands. Getmein and TicketsNow are ticket brokering sites owned by Ticketmaster's parent company.