What Does an Offer and Acceptance Form Look Like?


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An offer and acceptance form looks like a legal document. The form is commonly used in the real estate industry to outline the details of an interested party's offer to buy a home or property. It also contains an acceptance section which allows the seller to agree to the buyer's proposed conditions.

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In its most basic layout, an offer and acceptance form contains the full names and addresses of all involved buyers and sellers, the address and legal description of the property, the proposed purchase price, and deadlines for acceptance of the offer and delivery of the property. The contract may also contain stipulations regarding deposits, financing and funding, as well as requirements for insurance coverage, appraisals and/or inspections related to the transaction.

A variety of other contingencies and clauses may appear within an offer and acceptance form. The document may provide the seller with an opportunity to counter the buyer's offer by a specified date, or it may require the seller to provide detailed zoning information or documentation of city regulations regarding allowed usage of the property. Examples of real estate offer and acceptance forms are widely available online, and some websites, such as LawDepot.com, allow users to create personalized legal documents. A reputable attorney who is well-versed in property and contract law is the best source for a legally binding offer and acceptance form.

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