What Is OFCCP Compliance?


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OFCCP Compliance are programs that are designed to enforce employers, specifically those that work with the federal government, to follow all of the regulations and laws in relation to nondiscrimination. The OFCCP, which stands for Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, focuses on people of various races, genders, religions and place of origin being treated fairly.

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Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs compliance is mandatory for all businesses that deal with the Federal government no matter the size. The program is designed to take affirmative action in order to maintain fair treatment for those in the workplace. OFCCP compliance is not just focused on the fair treatment of employers either. Employees are also under the protection of the OFCCP compliance rules.

For businesses, OFCCP compliance is important to understand since it plays a large role in working with the federal government. In fact, it is mandatory for a business to be reviewed for compliance before it can be awarded a contract with the federal government. The OFCCP also enforces several rules and laws designed to maintain equal employment opportunities in the workplace.

In order for a business to be recognized as compliant with the OFCCP, they must meet several requirements, such as keeping job description and wage records as well as giving yearly reports related to the company's employment demographic.

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