How Do You Find Oceanfront Houses for Rent?

Find oceanfront properties to rent by looking in towns with less than 40,000 people and searching oceanfront properties away from high-traffic cities, suggests TheStreet. Important factors such as location, size of the rental house and the season help in locating an oceanfront house to rent, states

Other factors that help narrow down a search include crime rates, weather and affordability of the neighborhood. TheStreet offers a report compiled by RealtyTrac that lists the top beachfront towns with low crime, stable weather patterns and affordable housing prices, as of 2014. These communities include Marco Island, Florida; Wailuku, Hawaii, with less than 16,000 residents; Waianae, Hawaii, with a 76-degree average temperature; and Naples, Florida, with significantly lower home prices than surrounding areas. Hobe Sound, Florida, ranks as the top beachfront town due to its affordable housing market, proximity to Miami, low crime rating and ambient year-round temperatures.

The size of family staying in the home and the desired level of privacy are also important factors in finding an oceanfront rental, suggests For example, those looking for a family home with privacy should choose a private house rental.