Which Occupations Typically Pay Cash?

Which Occupations Typically Pay Cash?

Jobs that typically pay cash include child care, delivery driver, lawn or garden care and house sitting. Job experience and good references increase the chances of finding cash paying jobs.

Many parents hire experienced babysitters with good references. People who have no experience working with children can start by taking care of children they know and use them as references for new clients. There are also opportunities for advancement in babysitting, including au pair positions or nanny jobs. These jobs typically pay cash immediately, although regular or long-term positions may require scheduled payments depending on the employer and situation.

Driver delivery jobs such as courier or pizza delivery also typically pay cash. Earnings come from cash tips from customers in addition to a base hourly pay from the employer. This income is taxable.

Lawn or garden care jobs are popular with people looking for cash-paying jobs. Responsibilities may include mowing lawns, carting away debris, trimming trees or raking leaves. Posting advertisements on public bulletin boards, recreation areas and senior centers are good ways to market lawn or garden care services.

Lastly, people who need help caring for their home or pets while they are away hire house or pet sitters and usually pay in cash. These jobs are mostly available during the summer months and holiday seasons. Pet sitters can advertise their services at animal shelters, pet supply stores and veterinary clinics to find clients.