How Do I Obtain a Workers Comp Certificate?

To obtain a workers' compensation certificate of insurance, an employer or contractor needs to contact the agent or broker who provided the insurance policy, as noted by State Fund. Before doing business with another company, a business owner or contractor who has a certain number of employees may need to request this certificate to prove that he has this type of insurance for his employees.

In nearly all the states, workers' compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses that have three or more employees, as noted by the State Board of Workers' Compensation. Workers' compensation insurance is important because it can cover the cost of injuries or lost wages employees incur if they get hurt while on the job. It also is the responsibility of a business owner or employer to carry this insurance, which is issued by an agent or broker from an insurance company that offers these policies.

If a business owner requires a workers' compensation certificate, he can request it by calling and speaking with a representative from the company that issued the policy. Similarly, a policyholder can request more than one certificate if needed. In some cases, a policyholder may go to the insurance company's website and request the certificate online, notes State Fund. For example, The Hartford, which is a company that provides different types of insurance, has an online request form for a certificate of insurance that policy holders can get through U.S. mail, fax or an email.