How Do You Obtain the Service Manual for a Toyota Forklift?

As of 2014, the service manual for a Toyota forklift can be obtained from the Toyota dealership in person, via mail from the Toyota manufacturer or online through a free download. Toyota makes service manuals available on its website for customers to obtain important information on the forklift's features and installation.

  1. Visit the dealership

    To obtain a copy of the forklift's service manual, inquire at a Toyota dealership. Contact the service manager or salesperson to see if one is available on site or if it can be shipped from the manufacturer directly to the dealership or a customer's home address.

  2. Contact the manufacturer

    Request a forklift service manual by calling the home office of Toyota. A sales representative can offer information on how to have a copy of the manual mailed to a home address or forwarded via email if the file is not too large. Information about the forklift's troubleshooting capabilities and even warranties is often available via phone when calling the manufacturer or a Toyota helpline.

  3. Download a service manual virtually

    Visit Toyota's website and select the appropriate forklift model. An option to download a PDF file or picture file of the service manual is typically available online. Many vehicle manufacturers offer archived copies of service manuals for older forklift models.