How Do You Obtain an OSHA Card?

How Do You Obtain an OSHA Card?

How Do You Obtain an OSHA Card?

The amount of time it takes to get an OSHA card depends on the specific training classes you need to qualify. To get an OSHA card, you need flexibility in your schedule and the ability to attend several classes.

  1. Determine which program you need to be in

    Choose the type of work you are training for. Available topics include construction, general industry, maritime and disaster site work.

  2. Decide on a class length

    Each work category has its own course requirements. If you have entered the construction, general industry or maritime program, you can choose from 10- and 30-hour classes. If you are signed up for disaster site work, you need to take a 15-hour class. Shorter classes are for entry-level workers, and longer classes are for those with more job site responsibility.

  3. Complete the class and contact hours

    Take all the course lessons and complete the minimum required contract hours. OSHA doesn't require testing, but trainers have the option of giving an exam. Such exams don't count toward your contract hours. Following completion of the course and the exam, if there is one, submit your contact hours to the OSHA trainer. You'll receive the card within 90 days after your course completion.