How Do You Obtain LPN IV Therapy Certification?


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Obtaining licensed practical nurse, or LPN, IV therapy certification involves becoming an LPN and completing a special training course, according to Study.com. However, the training courses vary from one state to another depending on the state's requirements.

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Becoming an LPN involves completing a diploma program in practical nursing and obtaining a licence, notes Study.com. In most states, the diploma program takes one year and involves courses such as medical terminology, pharmacology and basic nursing. Institutions that offer this program include community colleges, hospitals and technical schools.

Obtaining the license requires passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses, which contains written and practical test questions, states Study.com. Typically, applicants pay $200 to register for this exam, as of 2015. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing is responsible for administering this exam.

The LPN IV therapy certification program lasts for one to two days and usually involves completing a prerequisite self-study course and an exam, explains Study.com. The certification training is crucial, especially for nurses who lack IV therapy knowledge, and nurses may complete the training under sponsorship of their employers. Some employers also provide the certification training to their nurses. The program covers topics such as patient assessment, electrolytes, blood and plasma, and total parenteral nutrition therapy. Upon successful completion of the program, the LPN is awarded a certificate that permits him to administer IV therapy.

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