How Do You Obtain LEED Certification for a Project?


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To receive LEED certification, the project must be registered, reviewed and approved by the U.S. Green Building Council, as described on the USGBC's website. The certification is granted on a points-based hierarchy, with more points allowing a higher level of LEED certification.

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A personal account must be created on the USGBC website before a project can be submitted. After this, a form of payment is required. USGBC accepts credit cards, checks and domestic or international wire transfers. Once this is done, register the project with the USGBC by completing forms and submitting payment.

The price for project registration as of 2014 is $1,200, or $900 for USGBC members at silver or higher level. A registered project is eligible to apply for LEED certification. A preliminary review is offered at a flat fee for LEED CS projects. During the certification process, project materials are reviewed for compliance with various requirements in order to receive credits.

The price for a certification review for a new member is between $2,750 for projects with a gross floor area under 50,000 sq. ft., to $27,500 for projects with a gross floor area exceeding 500,000 sq. ft., as of 2014. A minimum score of 40 points is required for the project to receive LEED certified status. An appeals process for credits not granted is available at a minimum cost of $500 per appealed credit.

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