How Do You Obtain a Job in Retail Security Loss Prevention?


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While exact requirements for becoming a security loss prevention officer vary by retailer, the position typically requires a high school diploma, solid communication skills and possibly state-required licensing. Certain organizations, such as The Loss Prevention Foundation, offer voluntary certifications that prospective or current security loss prevention officers can earn to improve their future employment opportunities.

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In addition to the high school diploma, most security loss prevention jobs require quick and accurate communication with both customers and staff. Accordingly, loss prevention officers must exhibit honesty and be able to render quick decisions, all while keeping in good physical shape. To verify if a particular job requires specific licensing, aspiring loss prevention officers can contact the company directly or their state's department of labor.

One reason that there are so few specific requirements for this job is that individual retailers provide specific on-the-job training to new hires that is particularly suited to both the work environment and physical location of the store. This includes everyday procedures, emergency procedures, and procedures dealing with the apprehension and detention of individuals suspected of stealing from the store.

The voluntary certifications The Loss Prevention Foundation and other organizations offer include a number of specialized subjects, such as risk management, ethics and leadership. Possessing such certifications may make an individual a more attractive prospective employee.

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