How Do You Obtain a Georgia Teaching Certification?


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A person obtains a Georgia Teaching Certification by obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree, completing a state-approved teacher certification program and completing special requirements. These include coursework in special education, meeting the recency of study/experience rule, complying with Georgia’s ethical standards and then passing GACE tests.

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Once candidates complete the educational and teacher preparation requirements, they can sit for the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Basic Skills Test in Reading, Writing and Mathematics to earn the Basic Skills Certificate. To earn a certificate in their field, they must also pass a GACE test in a specific area such as Birth through Five, Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Language Arts, Middle Grades Mathematics or Middle Grades Reading. There are also Foreign Language, Special Education and Leadership certifications, as well as subject certifications for grades P through 12 and in secondary education grades 6 through 12. The secondary fields list is lengthy and includes subjects such as Agriculture, German, Biology and Music to name a few. Earning a Master’s degree or scoring highly on SAT, GRE and other tests can waive the GACE Basic Skills test requirement.

Georgia follows an interstate reciprocity arrangement for teachers who move in from another state, meaning it will accept that teacher’s certification if the state of origin accepts Georgia’s certification.

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