How do you obtain a food vendor permit?


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Obtaining a food vendor permit involves obtaining a permanent location for the food preparation, filling out and submitting an application for the permit to the local health department, and having the business inspected, according to the Houston Chronicle. However, different states may have different requirements for the permit application.

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A permanent food preparation location acts as a primary address when applying for a food vendor permit, and one way to acquire the location is to lease land and establish a kitchen, notes the Houston Chronicle. Renting a kitchen space in an already established restaurant is an alternative way. Food vendors can pick up permit application forms from the local department of health. Application forms require information such as the name and address of the business, and personal details of the business proprietor. Submitting the application to the health department completes the application process.

Inspection of the business involves allowing the health inspector to examine the business for health and safety purposes, states the Houston Chronicle. During the inspection, the inspector checks the hygienic condition of the kitchen, the storage of food and cleanliness of utensils, among other hygienic aspects. After the inspection, the proprietor receives an approval or disapproval for the permit application from the health department depending on the findings of the inspector.

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