How Do You Obtain a Florida Handyman's License?

Handymen in Florida are not required to obtain a handyman's license. They are, however, required to obtain a handyman business license that both establishes them as legal businesses and enforces local restrictions on the services they provide.

To apply for a handyman business license in the state of Florida, the applicant must first create and register a unique business name. Registration can be completed in the applicant's county or municipality, or if he wishes to incorporate his business, it can be completed at the state level.

A seller's permit must then be obtained. If the applicant does not expect to sell things to his clients, it is not necessary. However, most handyman businesses sell materials to their clients, so the permit is necessary to charge the appropriate sales tax.

In most Florida counties, an occupational license is required for both home-based and off-site businesses. Local government should be contacted to identify if the license is necessary, but it is crucial for property tax purposes.

All Florida businesses that have employees, handyman or otherwise, must register for a federal Employer Identification Number, or EIN. The EIN is used by all forms of government to deduct taxes from employees and keep track of sales tax. The application for the number is available on the Internal Revenue Service's website.