How Do You Obtain Your Employee Training Records From an Old Job?


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Laws regarding accessing personnel files from previous employers vary by state, so check your state laws to find out if there are restrictions that hamper access. If you have a legal right to view your personnel file, or if there is no specific law preventing it, contact your previous employer, and request permission to view old training records. At the same time, request permission to make a copy of those records.

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States that legally grant employees access to employee personnel files usually mandate how employers share file information with employees. In California, employers must honor file viewing requests from employees within 30 days, and provide access during reasonable hours. Illinois law allows employees to view personnel files at locations convenient for them. Regulations also give rules for copying personnel records, and these vary by state. In Michigan, employees can copy a personnel file after viewing, or receive a mailed copy of the file after submitting a written request.

Pennsylvania does not allow employees to photocopy personnel files, but does allow employees to take notes of file content. In some states, employers are within their legal right to charge a fee for copying personnel file content for employees. Employers might destroy content after a specific period of time, or only provide access when lawsuits are active.

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